Bear in Mind: Barefoot is the New Trend

Go barefoot to experience a daily foot workout and massage!


Zain Jordan

While going barefoot may not be a preferred idea, the advantages are plenty, particularly if you indulge in barefoot gardening. The barefoot yard is quite the trend now, and planting stoppable plants designed for foot traffic can prove beneficial to you in quite a few ways. Here are our top four reasons to adopt barefoot gardening.

Get in touch with positive electrons
Barefoot gardening puts you in direct contact with the Earth. Thus, your body’s immersed with negative charged free electrons and equalises to the same electric energy level as the earth.

Strengthen your joints
Barefoot gardening strengthens your feet and ankles, improves balance and posture and increases your general well-being.

Stay away from injuries
Barefoot gardening can help prevent common ankle and foot injuries as stress fractures, shin splints, bursitis and many others.

Improve body conditions
Barefoot gardening or even walking improves the metabolism rate and enhances your sleep patterns, reduces stress and decreases inflammation.

Zain Zoom