Athletes at Olympic Games Sport a Purple Circular Disc on Their Bodies

The big red circular marks are a result of Cupping!


The winning advantage is in the mind as much as the body! As such the athletes at Rio 2016 Olympics are relying on the traditional Chinese medicine treatment known as ‘Cupping’ or ‘Hijama’ to treat their sore muscles.

Cupping is a technique that involves placing hot small glass cups on the skin, then pulling them from the body. This creates suction, which is claimed to increase blood flow to those areas and relieve soreness from the battered bodies of the athletes. The technique has also been used by many Hollywood celebrities to boost their performance.

Cupping is also used by some medical experts to treat an array of ailments, including joint pain, muscular pain, skin problems, respiratory disorders and has also been used as an alternative treatment for cancer.

While cupping or Hijama is a common pain therapy treatment in the Middle East, it’s still a rare and little-studied practice in the Western nations. But with Olympics sporting the circular love bite like a gold medal, cupping will soon gain its due importance in the unexplored horizons too!