City Women More at Risk of Breast Cancer

Nov 27, 2007 - Comments: ...

After reading this article some women might think about changing their lifestyle or maybe just their location if they want to be less at risk of breast cancer. In a study made by Cancer Research UK, the researchers found out that women who live in urban areas or in the city are more at risk of breast cancer. Why? City life is more stressful and women are more physically active, thus, these can make women more prone to the disease. These two factors can double the chances of getting the disease in their older years.

Nicotine Vaccine To Help Quit Smoking

Nov 16, 2007 - Comments: ...

Smokers can have more chance to quit their habit…in a not so agonizing way. By just a single shot the craving for nicotine is diminished. The shot is actually a vaccine that dulls the effects of nicotine in the brain so the pleasurable feeling obtained from smoke is lessened. The volunteers who were given the shot were able to quit smoking compared to those who were just given fake shots. And there is also a good effect on those volunteers who were given the vaccine because although they could not kick off the habit completely at least they smoked fewer cigarettes.

Trasylol Increases the Chances of Death

Nov 7, 2007 - Comments: ...


The US Food and Drug Administration requested Bayer AG, a company based in Leverkusen, Germany, to stop its sale of Trasylol an anti-bleeding drug. The drug is used during heart bypass surgery in order to prevent the patient from bleeding too much. Trasylol is known by another name, aprotinin. This drug obstructs the substance that melts blood clots so that blood loss would be avoided. When used in heart bypass surgery, the patient no longer requires blood transfusion.

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