Stressed or Calm? You Decide!

Jun 29, 2006 - Comments: ...

Weekly reports; meeting with clients; deadlines; demanding and uncompromising boss; piles of documents waiting to be read; telephone calls; car, insurance and telephone billsóokay, you have reasons to be stressed out, but hey, relax!

Donít you know that YOU are the greatest factor contributing to your stress levels? Yes, you are, so why choose to be bugged by all those things when you can choose to be worry-free? When the going gets tough, try to sit back, take a deep breath and calm down.

Coffee, Anyone?

Jun 28, 2006 - Comments: ...

Coffee, Anyone?

The effect of drinking coffee has been a subject of many debates for many decades now. The fact that itís a good source of caffeine, a mild stimulant, makes some experts dubious about its health benefits.

A recently concluded 11-year study conducted by the researchers in the University of Minnesota once again strengthens earlier claims that coffee is good for the health. Data gathered from the 29,000 elderly women covered by the study revealed that drinking large amounts of coffee lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, which is prevalent among older people.

Watch Your Antibiotics !

Jun 20, 2006 - Comments: ...


When you take an Antibiotic, what do you wash it down with? Water, Milk, Juice?
Well, they're not the same! You have to be very careful what you take with your Antibiotic because some things can do you more harm than good!
Believe it or not, taking anything that contains calcium down with your Antibiotic will interfere with the work of the medicin.
To get the most from your Antibiotics, wait two hours before consuming anything that's rich in calcium, which means milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream & orange juice!
Always wash down your pills with water, it's the safest thing & doesn't contradict with any sort of medicin.

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