Add 2.5 months: Get Some Help Around The House

Aug 31, 2005 - Comments: ...

Hire a helping hand around your home.
Accidents in your own home, like fires and falls, can take away about 2.5 months off your life.

Add 1 year: Eat 'three' chocolate bars a month!

Aug 30, 2005 - Comments: ...

chocolate bar

Yes, eat only three chocolate bars a month!
Imagine that eating sweets gives you an extra year while not touching the stuff will take away a year!
And the theory is: chocolate contains phenols and antioxidants that help prevent fats in the blood from clogging arteries.
And keep in mind more is less! Keep it in moderate mode; one to three bars a month.

Add 5 years: Ask lots of questions!

Aug 29, 2005 - Comments: ...


Higher curiosity levels may mean better adaptation to changes, stress, or challenges.
And losing your curiosity may signal a life-shortening decline in nervous-system activity.

Add 3 years: Be Close To Your Baby!

Aug 28, 2005 - Comments: ...

changing diapers

Change your kidís nappies!
Being involved in your childís day-to-day raising and activities gives you 3 extra joyful years.
Believe it or not!

Add 5 months: Buy a big car!

Aug 27, 2005 - Comments: ...

big car

A car accident will cost you 7 months, and size matters! Crashing behind the wheel of a small car costs you nearly 10 months, but behind the wheel of a big car you only lose a half of that.

Add 8 months: Get your old body back.

Aug 26, 2005 - Comments: ...

slim body

Slimming down to your normal healthy weight can give you 8 months extra.
Extra weight increases your risk of heart attack, cancer and diabetes, just to name a few.

Add 2.3 years: Treat your ulcer.

Aug 25, 2005 - Comments: ...


Treat your ulcer.
If you have stomach pain, having it checked by your GP could be a good life extending strategy.

Add 7 to 14 years

Aug 24, 2005 - Comments: ...


Attend your religious service twice a week.
Believe it or not, but being close to God will give you a boost to live longer!

Add 5 years: Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

Aug 19, 2005 - Comments: ...

blood pressure

Keep the bottom number of your blood pressure below 90.
And a quick way to lower your blood pressure is cut salt from your diet and exercise more.

Add 2.5 years: Have your colon checked!

Aug 18, 2005 - Comments: ...


Colon cancer is one of the increasing causes of death, so keep that appointment with your doctor, and get screened for the disease.

Add 9 years: Eat Less Meat

Aug 15, 2005 - Comments: ...


Eat meat no more than 3 times a week!
Replacing the meat in your diet with Soya products and vegetables can increase your life expectancy by up to 13%, but you donít have to cut down on meat completely, just decrease you meat portions to around 115g three times a week.

Add 4 years: Keep your cholesterol levels down!

Aug 13, 2005 - Comments: ...


Whatever it takes; diet, exercise or medicine.
Bringing down high levels of cholesterol to the moderate ( 6.09mmol/l )will buy you an extra 6 months. While dropping it to the low range of ( 5.1mmol/l ) will buy you around 4 years. Have a talk to your general practitioner after you read this article.

Add 25 days: Play the right sport!

Aug 11, 2005 - Comments: ...


Forget boxing or rugby, try hang gliding or swimming, try games that get you to relax and get away from the stress of life.

Add 2 to 3 years: Cut Back on Alcohol

Aug 10, 2005 - Comments: ...


Cut back on your alcohol intake! (For those who do drink)
The moderate intake of alcohol, which also is supposed to increase life expectancy, is about 1 drink per day.

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