Foods That Kill Your Intelligence

If you thought only drugs killed your brain cells and decreased your intelligence, you are wrong ... because there are some foods that we consume on a daily basis that kill our intelligence and effect our thinking capacity real bad!

Foods That Kill Your Intelligence

Stay away from the following foods:

Sugar, we already know that sugar is bad for your health and weight but it also effects your brain. It causes problems in your memory and may interfere in your ability to learn new things. Stay away from candy, pre-baked goods, sugar, corn syrup and products that are high in fructose.

Alcohol, we already know that long tern abuse of alcohol damages ones liver ... but it also causes mental confusion, inability to think clearly and problems with memory! To avoid all this, limit your intake to one or two drinks per week.

Junk Food/ Fast Foods, these foods are high in fat and they cause cardiovascular problems in addition to negatively effecting your learning capacity, alertness, motivation and memory. Believe it or not, but they also cause symptoms of depression and anxiety. These foods include fried foods, processed and pre-cooked foods.

Nicotine! It's true, it's not a food product, but a chemical, yet it still causes severe damage to the human body. Nicotine restricts oxygen flow to the brain and tightens the tiny blood vessels that help your brain function. In simple words, smoking kills your brain!!

Stay away from these products and chomp on some fresh veggies and fruits and nuts! That's better for your body and brain.


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