Teeth Grinding: Why Does it Happen?

Teeth Grinding

You know that feeling when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night because of that awful sound of grinding and gnashing teeth? Sometimes itís like the something out of a horror movie! Interestingly, people who grind their teeth in their sleep do not know that they do it since it happens during sleep.

Teeth grinding or bruxism in medical term can be caused by stress and anxiety. Having misaligned tooth and abnormal bite can also be some of its causes.

If teeth grinding donít occur often, itís not likely to do any harm; however, if itís a constant occurrence it could result to serious teeth damage! Teeth could get worn down to the stumps! It could also fracture, loosen and it could even result to loss of teeth. And aside from affecting the teeth, chronic teeth grinding can affect the jaw and worst end up in hearing loss and changed face appearance!

Teeth grinding can be prevented by reducing stress factors that cause. Consulting a dentist for possible remedy like wearing a mouth guard can also be done.

So, next time your room mate, wife, husband or partner grinds his/her teeth, it would be best to let them know about it. Not only is it irritating, it can be damaging as well!

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