Premature Babies Face Long-Term Health Risks

A new study released today gives more insight into the real score about babies who are born prematurely. The data released is based on Norwegian data carried out by Norwegian and US researchers.
Premature babies are classified as those who were born before 37 weeks. The study said that these babies were likely to experience developmental and neurological problems. Also, according to the data it is the premature baby boys who are more likely to have low mortality rate than girls.

And problems do not stop in infancy or childhood; their lives can be affected throughout. There is a great likelihood that some of them will not finish secondary school. And I think the worst thing is others may be unable to have children.

Nowadays, even though technology is already considerably advanced, many babies are still born prematurely. The cause of this incident is not properly understood. The likely culprit is poor diet and lifestyle. So, this new study hastens the need to discover the causes of premature birth so that necessary precaution can be observed by expectant mums for their babies to be born healthy.

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