Honey is Good for Kids Cough

The Magic of Honey

Cold and cough can be a great hassle on grown ups. On my part, I can never sleep well when I have them. So what more if the one who suffers from it is the child? When a child gets a cough the usual remedy is over the counter cough syrup or some other. But as parents you probably know that these medicines are sometimes not good for them, especially for the very young ones. A study states that one good alternative for your kidís cough is no other than honey. Yes honey! A teaspoon of this delicious brew can bring a soothing effect on your childís throat. But thereís a warning though, honey should not be administered to children below 1 year old because of the threat of botulism.

The findings that honey helps ease cough is based on a research conducted with 105 children who had respiratory infections. Some were given medicine that contains dextromethorphan, honey while others had over the counter medicines and placebo. When the results of the experiment came out honey is ranked as the most effective reliever, dextromethorphan following second and last was the placebo.

So the next time your child has a cough why not try honey.

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