Nicotine Vaccine To Help Quit Smoking

Smokers can have more chance to quit their habit…in a not so agonizing way. By just a single shot the craving for nicotine is diminished. The shot is actually a vaccine that dulls the effects of nicotine in the brain so the pleasurable feeling obtained from smoke is lessened. The volunteers who were given the shot were able to quit smoking compared to those who were just given fake shots. And there is also a good effect on those volunteers who were given the vaccine because although they could not kick off the habit completely at least they smoked fewer cigarettes.

The vaccine called NicVAX works by inducing the immune system to generate antibodies that block the nicotine from proceeding to the brain. The said study was done by Nabi Biopharmaceuticals in Florida.

The effectiveness of this vaccine is not yet that clear but the researchers said that it’s a start. They could use this as a basis for treating patients who are addicted to nicotine. Smokers who have failed quitting after trying out other methods will have a new hope that they can still get rid of the bad habit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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