San Francisco Plans to Put Up Injection Site

The abuse of prohibited drugs is one of the major concerns of countries all over the world. It is a big problem that is becoming harder and harder to combat; more so with the fact that some countries are already tolerating the use of prohibited drugs. I use the word tolerate because thatís how it seems with the establishment of legal facilities or injection site where drug users can go and inject themselves with their favorite juice whether its heroin or cocaine.

In the United States, San Francisco has taken the initial steps in opening such facility in their area. The rationale behind this move is to lessen the rate of drug overdoses in the place. Drug users who administer the shots for themselves usually end up overdosed. If the plan for an injection site comes through, the drug users can go there and inject under the supervision of a medical personnel. But the plan to put up an injection site in San Francisco still has to face a lot of opposition, both legal and political.

If ever the plan comes through, this injection site in San Francisco will not be the first in North America because such facility already exists in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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