Writerís Cramps Connected to Your Brain!

Do you use your hand often in relation to your work and do you experience extreme cramps after? A cramp is defined as involuntary sustained muscle contraction or dystonia. I am asking because this study done by French researchers could be relevant to you as well as to me. As published in the magazine Neurology, the study says that there is a connection between writerís cramps and brain abnormalities. When I read this health news I became concerned for myself and for those who use their hands regularly in tasks like writing, typing or playing the piano...Writerís cramps does not set in immediately but after some years of using the same muscles over and over again.

A comparative study was done between those with writerís cramps and people who donít and the finding shows that those with serious writerís cramps had less gray matter in the three major parts of the brain namely the cerebellum, thalamus and the sensorimotor cortex. According to study author Stephane Lehericy MD, PHD, it is not clear if the abnormality is a result or cause of the disease.

So what if it is a cause or a result? The important thing that Idí like to know is how it would a personís life in the long run, will it just be cramps or something worse?

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