Damp and Mould May Cause Asthma


We all know that there are lots of respiratory diseases that one can get infected with. But personally one of the worst kinds that I can think of is asthma. When I was a little I too suffered from this disease, fortunately as I grew older it eventually disappeared. It can be really hard to the patient because when you have an attack its like you are fighting for every breath. This kind of scene can be hard especially if little children are the ones who have it.

As a parent of course you donít want your child to have this disease. So to avoid it make sure your home is always clean and dry. Finnish researchers said in their journal that damp and mould-infested houses could be the cause of permanent asthma in children. These researchers including Juha Pekannen were able to have this result after surveying the homes of over 300 children. However, some medical experts are still unconvinced whether they really cause asthma or simply set off attacks.

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