Ice Cream for Improved Fertility

eat ice cream and get pregnant

Have you been hankering after a baby for a long time now? Well here is some good news for you Ö eat ice cream! Iím sure as you are reading this youíre wondering what the connection is between ice cream and having a baby. There doesn't seem to be a common ground between these two. But a recent study showed that eating ice cream and drinking whole fat milk would be a great way in order to help women conceive. Itís been found out as well that those women who are into low-fat dairy diet are more prone to an ovulatory infertility. This means that the woman have difficulty ovulating, a process which is very important in order for a woman to conceive.

This study was lead by Dr. Jorge Chavarro of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston Massachusetts. However, he said that the scope or information gathered from the study was not that comprehensive so more studies have to be conducted in order to confirm of refute their findings.

But if you've been longing to have a baby for a long time you will try almost anything just to get pregnant, right? So why not try ice cream? Go on indulge!

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