An App to Escape the Harmful Effects of Blue Light

The blue light emitted from digital devices can lead to serious health issues!


Zain Jordan

If you’re someone who spends nine hours in a day or more on digital devices, it’s time to call it a break! A recent study by Vision Council states that LED screens emit a great deal of blue light, and constant exposure to it can damage retinal cells.

The study further suggests that exposure to blue light at night can lead to cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. It also indicates that even the non-harmful portion of blue light sends a signal to the brain in the night indicating it is daytime. This certainly is no recipe for good sleep.

While there are a few solutions in the market like adhesive screen protectors that filter blue light, the simplest step is just to install f.lux. It’s free for Windows, Mac, and iPhones/iPads. These apps adjust the light from your screen according to time of day and in the evening; it filters out the screen’s blue light to eliminate the staring-into-the-sun effect.
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So if you’re looking to calm your brain from the harmful blue light, install f.lux.

Zain Zoom