Acupressure Tricks: Forehead Massage for Quick Health Benefits

Release stress through this age-old trick!

Forehead Massage

Zain Jordan

A forehead massage is the best way to release stress and anxiety. It is not only easy to massage a forehead on your own, but it also empowers you to treat your own ailments thereby releasing the need to be controlled by modern medicine, which seems to more and more use the pattern of intake, medicate and bill.

The trick is simple. Apply upward pressure on the ‘Third Eye Point’ or the ‘GV 24 Point’ where GV stands for Governor Vessel, which is located between the eyes, slightly above the upper bridge of the nose that meets the forehead. With a gentle pressure starting from the GV 24 (The Third Eye) point, stroke this place upward to 3 inches above in a vertical line. Applying upward pressure to this point on the forehead stimulates feel good hormones which leads to the following:

• Improves concentration
• Reduces stress
• Relives headaches
• Calms your minds
• Activates blood circulation
• Aids in quick sleep

So if you’re looking to avail some health benefits, use this simple acupressure self-massage technique on your forehead to gain amazing results.

Zain Zoom