5 Signs Your Body Sends that Indicate Stress

It’s time you detoxify stress from your body!

Body Stress pain

Zain Jordan

You know you’re stressed when your body feels tired all the time and you thoughts keep spinning. That’s not all; studies suggest that the body sends out varied signals to indicate the level of stress we experience in our daily lives. Here are the top five signs. So the next time you experience one of these, streamline your activities and cut-off the stress from your life.

Headaches: While headaches may result from sleepless nights and heat fever, a major reason for regular headaches is stress. It can happen because of worries about possible failures, little things, or constant rushing.

Eyelid Twitching: This has nothing to do with the good or bad happenings in your life. The eyelid twitching is a muscle spasm that typically occurs around one eye and last for a few minutes because of stress.

Muscle Pain: Stress easily makes way to the base of the head. That is one reason you’re your neck and shoulders feel insanely tense at many times.
Hair Fall: Heightened stress levels can cause your beautiful locks to shed in clumps. While some people tend to ignore it thinking it’s a hormonal change, at most times it is stress that triggers multiple hair follicles to fall off.

Itchy Skin: No, itchy skin and red rashes are not always a product of allergy. Stress influences the skin to wear off easily leading to the creepy itchy feeling all the time.

Zain Zoom