5 Secret Signs That Indicates you’re Getting Healthier

The shrinking scale is certainly no measure!

Secrets Getting Healthier

Zain Jordan

The shrinking number on the scale is a seductive statement, but it certainly is not the accurate assessment to gauge your health. So instead of scrutinizing your body in the mirror, focus on the small tidings:

You Feel Happier
If you’re healthy, you’re bound to feel happy. Research indicates that as physical well-being improves, so does mood. Hence, it’s important to pay attention to your improving outlook rather than the shrinking figures on the scale.

You Feel Energetic
Energy levels depend on varied factors-the key being physical health. If you feel healthy, your energy tends to splurge high. That might mean simply walking up stairs without getting winded or running a half marathon. Good health is not only about losing weight, but also being able to set a goal and accomplish it.

You Feel Physically Fit
While weight is easy to quantify, it is the medical test scores which should witness an improvement. So if you can escape the regular headaches, flus, blood sugar levels and thyroid readings, your health is certainly improving.

You Feel Calm and Clear
Taking care of your body also implies to mental health. While meditation and personal time soothes the brain’s activities, eating healthy foods also has an amazing effect on the ‘fog’ that blocks mental clarity. Hence it’s not only important to have a healthy diet regime, but also ensure that the plan is not neglected.

You Feel and Look Beautiful
If your hair, skin and nails start to look marvelous, you’re certainly on the right track! As your body has all the right nutrients, it starts to look better all over. The healthy nutrients feed the dormant cells in your body making them active and letting you look gorgeous!

So as you see, the scale is not the final decision maker if you are getting healthier on your health plan, but YOU are! So look for and celebrate the little things that you find new to your life to celebrate a new beginning, a healthy beginning!

Zain Zoom