4 Tips to Stay Hydrated This Ramadan with Healthy Choices

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Stay Hydrated This Ramadan

Long days and soaring heat makes the feeling of thirst in Ramadan intense. However, it is possible to keep the body filled with water and reduce its intensity of feeling thirsty by following a few good healthy choices. Here’s a roundup of some foods to avoid for staying hydrated during Ramadan.

Cut out Caffeine: Coffee might be an energy booster, but it oozes out the water content from your body. If you want to stay hydrated without losing liquid from your body, cut out coffee during Suhoor and iftar. Opt for fresh juices made of watermelon or tomatoes. The juicy watermelon is formed of 91% water and only 6% sugar. Tomatoes are also very juicy and keep you hydrated. One cup of cherry tomatoes offers over half a cup of water. So feast on fresh fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.

Do Away with Delicacies: While Ramadan is a month of fasting, to many it is also a month of feasting. Remember, hot and spicy dishes increases thirst. Also, salty and oily foods increase the body’s need for water. Keep your body hydrated with light foods and include yoghurt in your meals. It is sure to keep your thirst at bay the next morning.

Avoid Aerated Drinks: Soft-drinks contain carbon, which pulls out the liquid from your body making it swell and bulge. Replenish your thirst with nothing else, but only water. Drink small quantities of water in between your meals. It is important to drink plenty of water in the night to stay fresh and hydrated the next day.

Say No to Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight leads to sweating and fluid loss from the body, thereby increasing the feeling of thirst. Cover and safeguard yourself from the sun to feel energetic during the hot sultry month.