15 Ways to Bid Adieu to Stress

Zap stress fast with these reliable techniques!


Zain Jordan

Whether you agree or not, we all face stress at some point of life. The long hours of work, the monthly bills, the exceeding expectations form boss and slashed budgets can take a toll on your health. You might think that there’s no way to control stress, but the sheer fact that you realise there’s a need to control stress is the foundation of stress management.

Here are our top 15 tips to manage stress:

• Learn to sleep over your problems
• Strengthen your social circle and surround yourself with positive people
• Sweat it out. Exercise is the best form of stress management
• Don’t be afraid to express your emotion. Cry it out if required
• Practice meditation. It will not only improve your mood, but also lessen stress
• Eliminate toxic people and commitments from your life
• Take charge of your problems and find solutions to it
• Slow down. Don’t rush. Enjoy your food, you time with kids and a movie at home
• Hit the sack early to reduce stress levels
• Sip herbal teas to experience comfort and calm
• Plan ahead, but also take a break when required
• Nurture and pamper yourself. There’s nothing better than the joy of savouring an experience
• Don’t be shy to ask for help. Accept the fact that as humans we need to rely on one another
• Nobody’s perfect. Learn to be imperfect.
• Mistakes, tragedies and accidents happen. Be prepared for the worst.

Zain Zoom