10 Wonders of Coconut Oil – The Natural Marvel

The age-old formula is your best bet for a healthy skin, mind and body!


Zain Jordan

Since ages, coconut oil has been known to provide a multitude of benefits. Packed with natural nutrients, a recent study suggests that the age-old formula is an effective measure to treat colon cancer. According to a recent research, coconut oil contains lauric acid which has powerful cancer-killing properties. As such, grandma’s formula is considered an effective therapy for treating colon cancer.

In addition, Coconut oil pushes the far-fetched concept of treating colon cancer—— with a laundry list of uses that seem too good to be true:

• Coconut oil is a great natural source of nutrients perfect brighten and nourish your skin.
• Run a small bit through your hair and get a shimmer that rivals drug store serums.
• Coconut oil is a good weight loss regimen. Add it to your food as a supplement to see the fast effect.
• Coconut oil can prevent and treat a number of other diseases as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, herpes, etc.
• Dab a little coconut oil on your shoes to make them last longer.
• Combining coconut oil with baking soda gives you one of the best solutions for sparkling teeth.
• Tired of pests? Mix coconut oil with essential oils and wave a farewell to the bugging bugs!
• If your wardrobes or drawers have been squeaking, give a glide to the sticky furniture with a little coconut oil.
• Wipe off your make-up with coconut oil as against the expensive chemicals for a good night sleep.
• Drink a teaspoon of coconut oil and boost your memory.

Zain Zoom