Meet Brad Pitt’s First Girlfriend


Meet Tonya Westphalen, today she is 47 years old and she’s an ordinary person … but she claims she was Brad Pitt’s first girlfriend.

She and Brad apparently dated throughout high school back in Springfield, Missori.

Years back, she told one of the tabloid newspapers that she relates to Jennifer Aniston’s pain; before his senior year, Brad said he wanted to cool it for a while, but Tonya was later crushed when she learned Brad was dating a girl named Becky.

She said: My heart was broken. I cried a lot.

But Tonya gives us cute details of her relationship with Brad, she said: On one of our first dates, Brad taught me to dance to the Michael Jackson song ‘Rock With You’.

Meet Brad Pitt’s 1st Girlfriend in photos

Tonya Westphalen and Brad Pitt