All Men and Women are Sinners!


It’s always an issue when we hear a woman has had a somewhat unconventional past. Either she’s had numerous love affairs or had been a woman of trade or did other things regular women won’t be caught doing. Sometimes blame can’t be assigned to the woman alone, we also have to see the circumstances that compelled her to do these things.

Let’s put it this way, all men and women are sinners. Can’t change that but we are all given a chance to make right what we’ve done wrong. So, it’s not exclusive to the men. If it was a guy who cheated or had lots of girlfriends, people tend to see this as part of being a man. No, polygamy is not inherent, it’s by choice. Who agrees with me?

So, in my opinion, yes, a woman, whatever her past may be, always deserves a second chance, either at love or in the way other women perceive her. Often we’re too quick to judge and only looks at the superficial, we fail to see the person behind. As women, we tend see them as a stigma to our kind.

We have to change this way of thinking and try to understand, make allowances to those who deserve it.

What do you think; does a woman with a past deserve a second chance?

By Guest Writer Ruthel