3 Basic Questions Science Can’t Answer


    It may surprise you that some of the most ordinary, everyday notions are as big a mystery to scientists as they are to Kindergarten children!

    Question No. 1: How Gravity Works

    newton apple and gravity

    Gravity grips the whole universe together, and no matter how faraway you travel, gravity never fades. The mysterious part is once you get down to the level of atoms and molecules, gravity stops functioning!

    We know more about what’s inside an atom than we do about why an apple comes back down when we throw it in the air!

    Question No . 2: Why Do We Sleep

    why do we sleep

    Is sleep useless?

    There is a man who claims he hasn’t slept in 33 years! And researchers discovered a gene mutation that lets people to sleep 2 to 4 hours a night without any effects at all!

    You know what does that mean? It means that all the explanations/ theories for sleep might be wrong. Theories like the one that claim that sleep helps the brain clean itself after a long day of learning or help the brain to reinforce things you do need!

    Question No. 3: How Bicycles Work

    How bicycles work

    Bicycles have been around for more than 200 years; but did you know that the best bike researchers acknowledge that, even though some people have come up with equations on how to ride a bike or how they think Bicycles work, those equations are pretty much fancy!

    One researcher even says that absolutely nobody has ever come to an understanding of how a bicycle works!