Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif has passed away today after a struggle with illness.
Although it comes as a sad surprise, but we already knew that it was only a matter of time that he surrenders …
El Sherif has been fighting with cancer for a couple of years now, and rumors of his death would pop up every now and then since he became ill.
He will be laid to rest tomorrow in a funeral ceremony that will be held in the 6th of October city.

El Sherif was famous for his bold roles and for being an exceptional actor, who transformed into the character rather than act it … He will always be remembered for his outstanding role as Ibn Roshd in Al Maseer, among others of course.

May he rest in peace …

A little FYI ..

Did you know that his real name was Mohammad Jaber Mohammad ِAbdallah.
He was married for many years to actress Poussi and they had two children together, Sarah and Mai. They separated in 2006.