Succeed The Steve Jobs Way


Steve Jobs is known all around this planet, a man we have to thank for the technology we have today. Mr. Revolution had brought the world so much before he went 6 feet under the ground, and from people like him, we learn.

1. Do what your heart says
Nothing beats working with passion. People who craft their passion and talent are the people who are more likely to succeed, working as a Risk Manager for example while what you love and want to be is a well-known musician is probably the saddest thing in this world. You are most probably to reach ingenuity in art better than that risk management thingy you do.

2. Leave a mark behind you
Do you want to be remembered? To do something and change this world to the better? Then don’t live average.

3. Have a social network
Luck may work with you, but it’s not always the key. Opportunities don’t come out of the blue, Jobs traveled all the way and connected ideas from different fields. He studied design and traveled to India, don’t trap yourself in between 4 walls. Go out there and make your opportunities happen, and grab them by the throat.

4. Inspire people with your ideas
People don’t want a boring presentation about a good idea, present your idea, sell your dream and vision, and let it touch people on the inside. Inspire them, educate and entertain them. Jobs had his own way with presenting apple, his presentations were simple and motivating. Look up Steve Job’s speeches and you’ll get a larger idea of what is written.

5. The clock is ticking, you’re missing out on time.
Time is there for a while before you exit this planet, don’t waste your time and work on your craft and what you love. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

6. Be hungry for constant success
You did great the other day, don’t settle for that. Be hungry, live in the present with an eye and another on the future.

Embrace your uniqueness, love yourself and what you do. Don’t listen to other people and what they think is better for you, do you and take risks.