Hookah vs. Cigarettes


To each his own poison that helps person living, yes it might be bad but damn does that bring pleasure for the complicated soul a bit.

Smoking shall be the issue today, I know smoking is bad but it has its beauty. There are two types of smokers out there: people who smoke Hookah, and people who smoke Cigarettes, and this is the final showdown.

Hookah is the water pipe you see –mostly- every Arab smoking, it is this flavored tobacco that is heated using coal and let me tell you something, it is delicious. With unlimited options of flavors, Hookah took respect and moved its way worldwide to make huge success in the states, where a Hookah lounge owner is like the big dog in the gang. Cigarettes on the other hand, has no place to be whatsoever. Yea you can smoke in wherever you want but, it doesn’t have a special place.

As an Arab, I cheer for the Hookah of course. It is my culture, my identity, my first love and third wife. Friendships were built over a puff of hookah, dare you insult my culture? You see two people sitting on a table, each with his pipe in his mouth (whoops) playing backgammon or cards, watching a football game that ends with yelling, jokes and laughter everywhere…until politics come into the conversation, isn’t that beautiful?

“Smoking a Hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette…cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run…when you smoke a Hookah, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company.” – Unknown (probably an Arab)

Oh boy doesn’t that explain it all, yes it teaches you good company. And what do cigarettes teach you? Nothing.

In your own humble opinion, did Hookah win?