5 Reasons Why Jordan’s Streets Are So Far the Best to Drive on

Jordan Streets

Does it ever cross your mind how beautiful it is to drive with your seat chilled to the back and music playing out loud on your way to your desired destination? Well, if your answer is no, then this article is probably for you.

1. Nothing is more refreshing than the eye-burning sun.

Imagine this: starting your morning with a sweet cup of coffee and you’re looking as fresh as possible, you walk to your car and oh snap! You forgot your sunglasses. Well, tough luck buddy, that weather-cast’s report saying its 40 degrees outside isn’t going to be pleasant. Advice: put on extra deodorant, just in case.

2. Traffic, lovely way to spend your time.

Because who needs to be at work on time, those 30 minutes you spend taking your foot off and on the brakes pedal is more productive. A kind suggestion: if you forgot to shave, its okay you can always shave during traffic, have a quick tea and 5 more minutes to spend looking around at the side shops.

3. Oh you were going left? Pardon me, I didn’t know.

One of the cutest moments you’ll run in as you’re just about to enter a circle is a speeding gentleman or lady flying way across the circle onto the other side of the street simply because they have an important Mansaf waiting for them at home. The essence of this is trying to get out of the circle, no one uses a blinker so it’s like a fun guessing game. Either you guess right and win, or you’re wrong and you crash your car.

4. Cultural music, 0.50$ “RayBan” shades, old cars and 10 green seconds traffic lights.

If you already nodded your head in disappointment, then you know what this means. It’s being stuck behind the pray-to-be green traffic light, with the 1989 car next to you playing what-so called “music” that Beethoven probably rolled in his grave for the shame it brought him just for being called music. You’re probably going to tweet “fml” if this happened to you.

5. Left lane of death and sudden taxi stops of chaos.

As a friend, I’d advise you to never drive on the left lane UNLESS you want a slight push from the back because someone wants to reach their destination 5 minutes earlier, many accidents started like that. And dare someone say I was comfortable with taxis? Of course not. Taxis were made as an example of what NOT to do when people start taking driving lessons. sudden stops to pick a passenger (or a cup of Turkish coffee), rude window yelling for making the driver look at the rear view mirror for half a second, and it’s always your fault no matter what, just say yes and drive away; you don’t want an argument with these guys.

Side Note: No Pun Intended.