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Dove Shampoo

Dove Shampoo

Each of the girls has something to say about Dove Shampoo ... Do you think what they say is true?
What do you think of this girl in particular? She is the one that appears in all other Dove Commercials ...
Is Dove really such a miracle shampoo?


Nadini Perfume By Mahmoud Said

Nadini Perfume

The commercial for this perfume is great. Miriam Fares is so attractive, that it is tempting to watch the ad just for the heck of it!
But what does the perfume really smell like? Do you think Miriam Fares uses it?
Would you use it?


Knorr Soup

Knorr Soup

'Hayati Min Gherik Shurba' ... Before it was: ''Hayatak Min Gheri Salata'

This TV commercial is not much different than the Knorr salad dressing ad, and lots of people say that the woman looks 'evil' ... What do you say?


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