Arab Bank 2013 Commercial

Arab Bank

The Arab Bank is one of the largest banks in the Middle East and was founded in 1930.
It is headquartered in Amman, Jordan and has more than 600 branches in 30 countries around the world.

The bank's 2013 TV commercial is very nice, talks to average young "Arab" people and reflects on their wishes and ambitions ... that the Arab bank can assist in pursuing their dreams and helping them in reaching the life they seek.

I like the ad and like the words to the song that it plays ... Check the Arab Bank commercial out and let me know what you think ...

Fujikawa from Sedar

Sedar TV Commercial

If you watch Fox Series or Fox Movies, you'll surely have seen the horrid commercial of Fujikawa from Sedar!
It's an ad for curtains that are 100% Japanese.
The lady speaks Arabic in a Japanese accent and unfortunately the combination of the woman, the accent, the background music and the cheap graphics makes the ad do the opposite of what's required of it!

This is after all my own personal opinion.
What do you think of the Fujikawa ad? Watch Fujikawa from Sedar here.


Abu Shehab for Zain

zAbu Shehab for Zain tv ad

Have you seen the Abu Shehab Zain Tv commercial?
Samer Al Masri, who's better known as Abu shehab from Bab El Hara, stars in the commercial for the telecommunication company, Zain.
It starts out as a scene from Bab El Hara and Abu Shehab is dead serious as he walks in the alleyways of the Hara.

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New Aura Motorola Ad Feat. David Beckham

Motorola Ad with David Beckham

The newest Motorola ad features David Beckham.
Motorola has launched its new worldwide ad campaign for its latest mobile 'Aura'.
In the ad, Beckham is seen topless and holding 'Aura' in his hand.
He's also transformed into Motorola's own Terminator!

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Lenovo ThinkPad Sumo TV Ad

Lenovo ThinkPad Sumo TV Ad

This is the TV Commercial of the Lenovo ThinkPad featuring Sumo wrestlers...

Watch the video of Lenovo Sumo TV Commercial

Tuba Buyukustun Pantene TV Commercial

Nancy Ajram Coca Cola TV Ad 2008

Nancy Ajram Coca Cola TV Ad 2008

It seems that Coco Cola in the Middle East has a long contract with Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, I'm not sure but this is the 4th or 5th TV Commercial of Coca Cola featuring Nancy.

Photos from Nancy Ajram Coca Cola TV Commerial 2008

Photos of Nancy Ajram new Coca Cola TV ad 2008

What do you think of Nancy Coca Cola new TV Ad?

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A Perfect Foam Party from Sony!

You know those nightclubs where you go to dance and then at some point lots of foam and soapy bubbles are released on you and you just dance it away? Well, how would you feel if that happened on a large scale and you could jump up and down and go crazy in loads of foam in the middle of your city? Wouldn’t that be cool?
Sony is always very creative when it comes to their ads … you must remember the Bravia ads with the millions of colored balls bouncing down the streets of San Francisco?
They’ve done a similar thing on the streets of Miami for another ad … this time with loads of soapy foam!
Imagine yourself walking through the streets of your city and your knee deep in white foam! Major Cool!
Watch the video of the Sony ad here, you’ll love it!

The Nutella Ad is Banned

If you liked the Nutella commercial here’s bad news for you. You won’t be seeing it air on TV for a while. This TV ad is banned because it broke the advertising rules by giving misleading information. In the commercial, the nutritional value of the chocolate spread was exaggerated. Based on the voiceover that can be heard, “Nutella releases energy slowly, so it can be part of a balanced breakfast.” Also, the commercial stated that each bottle of Nutella is made from 52 hazelnuts, cocoa and the equal amount of one glass skimmed milk.

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Nancy Ajram New Damas Farfasheh TV Ad

Nancy Ajram Damas Farfasheh TV Commercial

Nancy Ajram has been the fresh face of Damas jewelry for the past 2 years.
What do you think of the new TV Commercial of the new jewelry line Farfasheh? And

While we are at it, what do you think of the jewelry line itself?

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