Will Smith In Amman, Jordan


I got so excited a few minutes ago when I saw Will Smith’s post on Facebook … the guy is in Amman, Jordan.

He posted a photo of the typical Amman buildings and houses and said: “My first time in Amman, Jordan.
WOW! I love it here. :- )”

A couple of days ago he was with his better half in Dubai with their friend Tyrese Gibson, who posted a photo of the trio at a dinner.

I wonder, where has he been to? Did he go to the famous Rainbow street to eat Falafel at Al Quds Restaurant?

Has he been down town? Maybe to try the fantabulous Kunafa or drop by the famous Hashem Restaurant?

Oh! Someone must invite Smith for the famous Jordanian dish “Mansaf” .. It will surely be a memorable meal!

Is he going to go to the Dead Sea and Petra and Wadi Rum? Or is the ancient Roman city of Jerash on his schedule?

I am giving you ideas Will! Tell us where you’ve been and post some more photos let’s see you in action in Amman!

I am sooooo curious to know where he’s been and what places he’s going to visit!

Hey Will … let us know what you’re up to!

Will Smith with tyrese gibson