Tyson New Ventures LLC Eyes Alternative Meat Forms

The $ 150 million venture capital fund looks to invest in companies developing innovative technologies!

Tyson New Ventures LLC

Plant-based foods and substitutes to meat have been the talk of the town. As such, Tyson Foods – a name practically synonymous with the word meat have introduced innovative strategies to remain competitive in the market.

The company has recently announced the launch of its $150 million venture capital fund, called Tyson New Ventures LLC. The fund will complement its existing investments and will focus on companies that are developing innovative technologies and business models.

The fund’s first investment involves Tyson’s stake in Beyond Meat – a company that makes meat out of peas, carrot fibre and more. In addition, the fund will also invest in companies that aim to make money by reducing food waste and those that develop technology products related to food and agriculture.

Now that’s the way to go healthily competitive!