Top Casinos Around the World for Celebrities


The popularity of casinos seems to know no bounds in regard to the people that it attracts. Even celebrities are frequent visitors to the most luxurious casinos found all over the world.

Macau has people a popular world location for gambling. One of the more appealing casinos here for celebrities is the Venetian Macau. With a casino floor measuring a vast 13 acres, there is a lot of variety here. The immense space is divided into four different areas. Expect to find more than 4000 slot machines here along with around 900 table games. Private gaming rooms are enticing for celebrities who want some anonymity. Also, many of these rooms have high table limits which some celebrities want. However, many celebrities have been sighted here including the music superstar, Rihanna. Not only has she performed there but she also tried her luck at casino games.

If you’re visiting the city of London, you may find celebrities at Les Ambassadeurs Casino. This particular casino does expect guests to dress in a formal manner which many celebrities enjoy when having a night out on the town. The former footballer, Teddy Sheringham, has been seen at this casino along with actors like Chace Crawford and Mathew Morrison. However if you just want stay fully focused on your gaming and get star struck by all these celebs why not use comparison sites such as to find best offers on brands like Gaming Club casino. This will keep you on top of your winning ways.

The Land Down Under features the Crown Casino which draws celebrities of all kinds. This Australian casino is immense earning it the distinction of being one of the largest casinos found in the Southern Hemisphere. Smaller gaming rooms were built into the casino where many celebrities gamble. Poker has been known to be played by tennis star, Andy Roddick. Top names in show business like Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban are also known to frequent the Crown Casino.

While most people are probably attending a casino with the intent of enjoying gambling, it’s an extra bonus to spot a celebrity!