Russell Brand Off Social Media, Thank God


The long black haired funny man quits social media to learn and see change in his work, or so we hope.

Right under the “weird” section of YouTube you can find Brand’s channel with videos titled as “Should We Crucify Bill O’Reilly?” not too scary indeed.

Brand announced that he is going to quit social media, Twitter, Facebook and ‘The Trews’ off his YouTube channel. For those who don’t know The Trews, Brand posts videos addressing political and general public issues and talks about them, liberally yet spiritually offers Russell-d solutions. Confusing much?

Funny man posted a video telling his departure claiming learning and expecting real change that he wants to be apart off. However, Mr.UK hasn’t clarified this as a permanent move yet he feels he has gone as far as he can with The Trews. Leaving behind 10.7 twitter followers, 1,187,956 YouTube subscribers and 350,505,153 Facebook fans, Brand is seeking a new change. Social media wise, this is good due to some people commenting negatively calling him not that smart nor entertaining, we should always remember that Russell Brand lit some our boring nights with “Get Him to the Greek” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but positively speaking, he helped out people in east London with his videos whom he thanked for the support.

You can watch the final episode of The Trews here: