Popular TV Show Dexter to Be Revived

The dark TV series may return back for more blood!

Dexter Season 9

We hated him or loved him, but just couldn’t ignore him. Michael C. Hall created a fantastic aura as the lead character on the popular TV series Dexter. Fans were left disappointed when it ended in 2013. However, ever since the show’s Twitter account posted a mysterious tweet on Thanksgiving, rumor-mongers have some flesh to jump on!

Rumors suggest that the TV series is being considered for a reboot. A recent media report indicated that Head of Showtime David Nevins admitted that the popular programme, which centered around a serial killer leading a double life, is the only show he’d consider bringing back to the network.

Dexter and Sister Debra Morgan

Dexter ran for eight series from 2006 to 2013 and the first season was based on novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by author Jeff Lindsay. As a blood spatter expert, Dexter Morgan solved the crimes in the day and committed them at night, eliminating the evil from the world. While the Head of Showtime will consider invigorating the show only if Michael C. Hall agreed to make a come-back, we wonder if the iconic Dexter’s knife is ready for some blood!

Michael C. Hall