Phil Collins Spotted Hinging Over a Walking Stick in Miami

The 80’s pop-star was speckled in his hometown ahead of his musical return!

Phil Collins

Phil Collins has remained as close to the heart of pop-culture as a baby in a womb. The legendary British star, who will turn 65 later this month, was spotted in his hometown in Miami recently.

The ingenious drummer was spotted wearing a blue polo shirt and brown baseball cap as he made his way down the street and seemed reliant on the cane he was carrying. Though the energetic performer looked a little frail, he obliged those he passed with a quick chat.

Collins became a popular pop-star in the ’80s, the golden age when tasty horn licks and receding hairlines could still signify music enjoyed by young people. Though Phil had to delay his musical comeback due to back surgery, the much-acclaimed stage performer will return to the musical circuit on his 65th birthday beating drums to Hello, I Must Be Going and Dance into the Light.

All we can say is –Welcome back Collins, we look forward to some mesmeric beats!