Paris Hilton is Suing Ramez Galal


Putting people on planes and then subjecting them to the torture and fear of thinking they’re going to crash and certainly die is outright horrific and twisted, and that’s exactly what Egyptian actor Ramez Galal has subjected some of his friends to during this Ramadan in his prank show “Ramez Wakel El Gaw”.

After take-off, alarms start sounding off inside the plane, then it takes a nose dive .. then all sorts of turbulence start happening and it’s as if the plane is going to crash into the water. (Watch video after the jump)

Ramez made an un-thought out move to play this terrifying prank on Hollywood’s own Paris Hilton … and now the after-shake is going to hit Ramez real hard!

The prank is really NOT funny and Ramez laughs at the sheer fear of those people, and Paris Hilton, who already has a fear of flying, suffered just as severely as the other people pranked.

But Paris is not like all those other people pranked … she’s a millionaire with a crew of lawyers behind her and she is going to sue Ramez and all the people responsible for the show for putting her through “emotional distress”. Ouch!

Well, this move is exactly what Ramez deserves, because he needs a good shake to make him learn that playing with people’s emotions to this degree is dangerous and totally NOT funny!