Nina Dobrev Diaries: Love and Work

The Vampire Diaries alum has a lot happening over work and love!

Nina Dobrev

If there is one place where relationships make or break at the speed of light, it’s Hollywood! Nina Dobrev has floated through a number of personal relationships following her difficult split from longtime love and co-star Ian Somerhalder. However, gossip mongers suggest that the pretty actress has found a new romance.

Gossip reports indicate that Dobrev has been sharing a special connection with Scott Eastwood, despite both of their busy schedules. The duo has been making public appearances together and seems to enjoy each other’s company. Well, it yet remains undisclosed if this is the new man in Dobrev’s life or just another fling like many others!

On the work front, Nina is in talks to join Ellen Page in Sony’s “Flatliners” remake, a 1990 sci-fi thriller that showcases a group of medical students conducting near-death experiments. Dobrev is roped in to play an overachiever in the film. While there have been no official statement on the new sci-fiction flick, we look forward to watching Dobrev on screen again!