Music for the Ears: Rihanna New Album is a Knockout Hit

‘ANTI’ is an amalgamation of peppy beats and fun vibes!

Rihanna anti album

Four years! A time good enough to forget about someone. However, for artists like Rihanna, time doesn’t matter. Fans have patiently waited to hear her latest track ‘Anti’ with the same excitement as they did in 2012.

The 27-year old released her hindered and much-soughted eighth studio album exclusively on Tidal, after the fledgling service prematurely leaked it for fans. As a result, the 13-track album was temporarily available for free download. Fans could use a download code and go through an site that the Barbadian singer created with sponsor Samsung.

The 27-year-old singer gave away her new record ‘ANTI’ 1 million times in just 14 hours via Samsung and Tidal in the past two days. Though the promotion is now over, fans can yet download the exclusive album through the streaming service.

While every track on Anti shows off Rihanna’s vocal abilities in different ways, the popular singer has also focused on Artwork in her latest album to explore different capabilities. A perfect treat to the ears, it won’t take long for ‘Anti’ to top the charts!