Michael Weatherly to Exit from the Long Running Series NCIS on CBS

This is definitely heart-breaking!

Michael Weatherly NCIS

Television is a part of life for many. And if you’re a fan of the most watched drama NCIS, this piece of news is going to leave you shattered. Michael Weatherly, aka Tony DiNozzo announced that he was leaving the series after a 13 year run over twitter.

Representatives of the CBS expressed their dismay and gratitude to the ‘special agent’ Tony DiNozzo who played a significant role in making NCIS what it is today. DinNozzo also expressed his heartfelt appreciation for being associated with this show for years. With a million fans following, NCIS has viewers ranging from different age groups.

However, not all’s come to an end. The 47-year old actor will continue staying on through the end of the current season, so you still have several more episodes of DiNozzo to enjoy. In addition, Weatherly will continue to be involved with the company. The actor-producer has a development deal with studio counterpart CBS Television Studios.

Now that sure is going to cheer you up before you drench yourself in a pool of tears!