Michael Jackson is the Top Earning Dead Celebrity of 2016!

michael jackson top paid dead

He may be dead but Michael Jackson continues to prove he is still king! In terms of profits most especially.

On Wednesday, Forbes declared Michael as the highest earning dead celebrity of 2016! Can you guess how much he earned? Brace yourself. It’s $825 million!

You might ask how he’s able to earn this huge amount. Well, let’s just say that he made some wise investments when he was still alive. In March of this year his estate sold half of his investment in Sony/ATV music publishing catalog, famous for its Beatles songs, for $750 million.

According to Forbes, the late King of Pop’s 2016 earnings which is $825 million pretax is the “biggest annual haul by any celeb dead or alive.”

Second to Jackson on the list is Peanuts creator Charles Schulz with $48 million followed by Arnold Palmer with $40 million, Elvis Presley with $27 million, and rounding off the top five is Prince with $25 million.