Madonna and Son Dances the Night Away on Her 58th Birthday

Madonna 58th Birthday

Madonna had a blast celebrating her 58th birthday Cuban style on Tuesday. Although a birthday is obviously a happy occasion, Madonna’s celebration was made extra special by her 16-year-old son Rocco, who danced the night away with his mother at a club in Havana.

In the video clip entitled “Family Mambo Cuban Style” that Madonna shared on Instagram, the mother-and-son duo really let down their hair. Madonna, who was wearing a fedora and a black keyhole dress, was beaming as she was twirled around by her handsome son.

And it wasn’t only Madonna who was having fun that time; Rocco looked like he was having a blast too considering his moves and facial expression on the dance floor. It probably served as a double celebration since Rocco turned sixteen a few days before his mom’s birthday.

This sweet and happy moment between mother and son is great to see considering the storm they weathered a few months ago when Rocco refused to go back to his mother in New York after living with his father, Guy Ritchie, in London last December. But the custody dispute has been settled and Rocco has been staying with his mother since April.