Legendary David Bowie Dies of Cancer


Legendary singer and gender-bending icon David Bowie has passed away … he has been battling cancer and it managed to snatch him away just two days after his 69th birthday.

Bowie was surrounded by family and loved ones as he passed peacefully into the realm of the spirits.

Bowie was married to the famous model Iman since 1992, and has two children, Duncan Jones and Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones.

Bowie started his career with a boom at 22, his single “Space Oddity” shot to the top of the UK music charts at the time of its release!

It was in the 70s and 80s that he made an impact in many music categories; glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronica, in addition to pushing the boundaries of gender and encouraging freedom of expression.

His latest album, Blackstar, was released on his 69th birthday.

Bowie has sold around 140 million albums throughout his career.

He was definitely to the UK what Elvis was to the US … a legend, a rock star and certainly an icon.

Rest in peace … and thank you for giving us timeless songs like “Fame”, “Space Oddity”, “China Girl”, “Modern Love”, “Fashion” and “Labyrinth”.