Lady Gaga Acknowledges David Bowie for Her Fantastic Career

The Pop Superstar continues to pay tribute to the iconic singer!


Lady Gaga’s tribute performance to the late David Bowie at the Grammy’s left everybody awe-struck! From the trademark blue eye shadow to the flame hair Gaga represented David Bowie to perfection. However, it was her show-stopping nine track medley that left the audience emotional.

But that’s not all. The pop superstar aims to continue paying homage to the legendary singer
who died recently at the age of 69 after a short battle with cancer. Gaga explains that it was his charisma and magnetism that influenced her as an ‘artistic musician’.

Gaga still watches his videos all day long and seeks to learn and gain inspiration from his
incredible music. David Bowie to her is not just a creator of masterpieces, he’s a masterpiece
himself! Now that is some tribute! We salute you Gaga for recreating the magic of David with
your artistic music! Love you!