Kim Kardashian Bound and Held at Gun Point in Paris Robbery

Kim Paris

Being bound and gagged and held at gunpoint during a robbery is no laughing matter and we can only sympathize with what reality star Kim Kardashian endured in their luxury apartment in Paris on Monday.

According to reports, five armed men dressed as policemen entered Kim’s apartment block at around 3 a.m. The concierge of the building was handcuffed and held at gunpoint as the men forced him to show the actress’ room before he was hidden in a cupboard in the stairwell of the building.

Luckily, Kim’s two children, North and Saint, were not in the room with her at that time. However, she was tied up and left in the bathroom as the armed men helped themselves to her valuables which include a jewellery box worth $6.7 million and a ring worth $4.5 million. The ring is said to be the engagement ring with a 20-carat emerald-cut center stone from her hubby Kanye West. Aside from that, the box also contains some borrowed jewellery for the Paris Fashion Week. Kim’s two smartphones were also stolen.

The robbery did not seem to have taken long and the armed men fled on bicycles police said.

Kim, who was very shaken by the incident, was comforted by her sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, who happened to be at a nightclub with main bodyguard Pascal Duvier when the incident happened. After giving her statement to the French police, Kim got on a private jet and flew back to New York.

Meanwhile, hubby Kanye stopped his concert in the Meadow Festival in Queens, New York when he was informed of what happened to Kim. He walked off the stage after telling the crowd that he had a family emergency.

What Kim went through is terrifying indeed but it’s a relief that the robbers did not inflict any bodily harm on her.