Kim Kardashian a Seductress in Love Advent Calendar

Kim Kardashian is back! In an advert that is.


The curvaceous reality star is featured as the model for Day 12 in Love Magazine’s video advent calendar. Fans that have missed her since opting for a low profile since the robbery in October will definitely see a lot of her in this advert.

In the video shot by James Lima, Kim is seen making different poses as she stares seductively at the camera in nothing more than a lavish fur coat and skimpy lingerie. There are moments when she seems to unknowingly flash more of her lovely figure. Then she raises her arms, seemingly reaching out and beckoning as the magnificent Northern Lights danced behind her before the words “Peace on Earth” was flashed on the screen.

However, this video was reportedly shot before the robbery incident in Paris and Kim is still maintaining her low profile up to this time. Although this is the case, controversy still follows her especially regarding her marriage to Kanye West. Reports say that Kim is quite upset that Kanye is not resting as he should after being hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. She also denied that they are getting a divorce.