Justin Bieber’s Sorry Misinterpreted

Sorry, not so sorry!


Bieber has been surrounded with buzz always; whether it was his racist joke, his take on Bill Clinton or his love life! However, in a candid interview the young singer revealed about model
Hailey Baldwin and the connotation behind his latest hit, ‘Sorry’.

Justin revealed that his relationship with Hailey is something special. While the singer spends a
lot of time with the model, he refused to define his relationship official. The 21-year old also
cleared the misconceptions that people have about his latest hit ‘Sorry’. The song not only
marks the comeback of Justin as a mature, serious artist, but has also been popularly received.

Bieber stated that ‘Sorry’ was not written to apologize for the past mistakes he made whether in his career or personal life. He explained that he realizes the mistakes he made as a teenager, but that wouldn’t mean that he would want to change his journey. He emphasized that Sorry was actually about a girl.

Whoa! That leaves us to wonder who it was! Whoever it may be, we’re happy that Bieber is
back, more thoughtful and more mature than ever!