Jennifer Lawrence Tops Forbes Highest Paid Actresses

Jennifer Lawrence

Forbes Magazine has released its list of the highest-paid actors and actresses for 2016. Guess who tops the actress list? It’s none other than “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence making her a back-to-back holder of the top spot of the said list. According to Forbes, Lawrence is set to rake in a total of $46 million. However, she earned much more last year with $52 million.

Also on the list of Forbes’ highest-paid actresses are Melissa McCarthy with $33 million and Scarlett Johansson with $25 million. Rounding up the top four and five spots are Jennifer Aniston with $21 million and Fan Bingbing with $17 million.

When it comes to the list of highest-paid actors, Dwayne Johnson a.k.a “The Rock” occupies the top spot because he’s due to take home $64 million. The previous three years’ top spot holder, Robert Downey Jr. has been knocked way down to number nine with $33 million. With only a $3 million difference, Jackie Chan is second on the list with $61 million and Matt Damon is third with $55 million. Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp occupy fourth and fifth place with $53 million and $48 million respectively.

Interestingly, Forbes’ list makes it glaringly obvious how female actresses are paid considerably less that their male counterparts. Jennifer Lawrence may be of the same status as Dwayne Johnson as the highest paid actress and actor but her earnings is $18 million less than his. The same gap can be observed in the income of the rest of the actresses on the list. Gender inequality is still a problem in many places, even in Hollywood it seems.