Ian Somerhalder Is Engaged?!


What?! Ian Somerhalder is engaged?! And he didn’t text me?! I’m going to have to get him for that!
No really … I am not spoofing Evan Rachel Wood when she said the same thing after finding out on Saturday that her pal Nikki Reed had gotten engaged to Ian and didn’t tell her … but I really didn’t know! So, I lost my chances with Ian … darn!

Where was I when those two fell in love?! Love struck them back in July, that’s like six months ago! and I didn’t even get a hint!

Ok, so both are uber cute and both are Supernatural stars, one from The Vampire Diaries and the other from The Twilight Saga, a perfect match … but I said the same thing about Ian and Nina Dobrev back in the day … what do I know?!

In all cases, Nikki stole Ian’s heart and he seems to be really serious about her … can only wish them the best of luck and lots of happiness.