Have You Seen The Shroud of Tom Cruise?


We’ve all heard of The Shroud of Turin … but The Shroud of Tom Cruise? That’s kinda twisted!

To celebrate Tom’s 25th anniversary with the Church of Scientology, a shroud has been created from Poplin, with the likeness of Tom on it and it’s totally naked! Leaving nothing for imagination, not even his back side!

What’s totally mind blowing is that the creators of the shroud, have decided to augment some parts of Tom … can you guess which parts? Yup … you guessed right, the sensitive parts!

But why? That’s what I’d like to know. Why have his manly parts been exaggerated so much? Is that something important in Scientology? Just asking!

This shroud, which measures 14 feet by 3 feet, will be part of a “pop-up Church of Scientology” near the religion’s headquarters in Clearwater … whatever this may mean!
What’s a “pop-up” church?

Ok, so what do you think of this? More crazy weird stuff from the Scientologists!